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Dewaldt Huysamen

Hi I am Dewaldt Huysamen and I strive to be the best when it comes to Internet Marketing, Inbound Marketing and Paid Marketing.

Dewaldt Huysamen's Bio:

Dewaldt Huysamen has over six years plus experience in Internet Marketing, Inbound Marketing and Paid Marketing focusing on Research, Creation, Testing, Measuring and Refinement when it comes to the following:

- Google Regional Trainer & Speaker Chosen by Google to train other agencies
- Training & Consulting Agencies
- YouTube Marketing
- Google AdWords
- Facebook Marketing (PPC, Growth & Branding)
- CRO (Conversion Rate Optimising)
- Display Advertising
- Affiliate Marketing
- Content Marketing
- Social Marketing
- Online Reputation Management
- Copywriting
- Email Marketing

I have always seen myself as the one that actually does sell the ice to the Eskimo. I can only sell a service or product I fully understand and have proven to work, but getting anyone to see the benefit of the product or service is one of my strongest points.

I have vast experience when it comes to people skills and I excel in this area. I believe it is the building block of any business or working environment. If people can not communicate or be understood and know how to be dealt with, the business will no longer flourish nor will customers return if they are not feeling welcomed and well looked after.

I also have always been involved with finding solutions and preventing crisis management. I am very good with logistics as well. All my previous employment I was an extremely quick learner, not just learning and adapting but taking it and making it my own and expanding it further, making it grow through hard work and motivating team work by motivating and encouraging others working with me, to help the company and thus everyone, seeing the success of the company will lead to a direct result of each employee's own personal success and willingness.

My only goal in life is to be as successful as possible in what ever it is I do. Obtaining this by learning from others, bettering the ideas where possible and always willing to work as a team and go the extra mile to meet success.

Specialties:Google, SEO, SEM, Social Marketing, Costing, People Skills, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Online Reputation Management, Negotiations, Ordering, Internet Marketing, Computer Literate, Presentations, Teaching, Planning, Research. Google Adwords Certified and Analytics Certified Professional, Advanced WHM & Cpanel skills, Shell & Linux, Office 2010, Adobe CS5 Master Suite.

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Dewaldt Huysamen's Interests & Activities:

Marketing, Jesus, Helping People, Pool, Gym, Jogging, My Family, Bible

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